SA Sanctuary Launch New Webstore

Texas band, SA Sanctuary, offers free mp3's to celebrate launch of their new web storefront.

San Antonio, TX, January 14, 2010 --( Texas metal band, SA Sanctuary have unveiled their new web storefront on Monday, 01/11. They are celebration their 11th year together (current line-up) and the new storefront with Free MP3 downloads.

Visit for the FreeE MP3's.

As well as free mp3's there are an assortment of products to behold like, Tshirts, long sleeve shirts, and more. Featured products are Abandon In Place and Shred Your Head Tour live. Both are CD's.

SA Sanctuary is initially from San Antonio, Texas. They recently finished up their US Shred Your Head Tour, and are now in the studio recording another CD. Abandon In Place was released in July 2009, and is the redo of their 1999 demo of the same title. They have 2 studio CD's out currently, as well as 1 Live CD. Abandon In Place, Promises (single with bonus Prisoner Of Hope), and The live Shred Your Head Tour CD, most of which was recorded at The Sunken Garden Theater in San Antonio, this past May with Saxon during the South Texas Rock Fest.

SA Sanctuary are a 5 piece metal band consisting of: Edward Correa as their Keyboard player. Eddie is a tour musician only. Angel Fuentes is their lead vocalist and lead guitarist. Romeo CK Vallejo is the bassist, whom was originally their keyboardist. Orlando Velasquez is the rhythm guitarist. Orrie also does some singing, as on Promises, Prisoner Of Hope, Abandon In Place and A Race In Extinction. All other vocals are by Fuentes. Mike Aresco is their drummer.

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SA Sanctuary are on Roid Rage Recordings.

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