Inhousepress Presents: The Princess; a Novel of Visionary Fiction by Stan I.S. Law

A novel for teens and young adults that will enchant all who are young at heart. The novel is Part One of the Alexander Trilogy. It is a visionary story of a boy who meets his inner self among the stars.

Montreal, Canada, January 26, 2010 --( Inhousepress presents The Princess, a novel by Stan I.S. Law (ISBN 9780973118438), visionary fiction, which is now available from all major online distributors, including Amazon,, Barns and Noble, Froogle, AurthorsDen, Chapters.ingram, or directly from Inhousepress.

"... exceptional writing." (Kate Jones, Pasadena, USA)

Some swashbuckling youngsters conquer the seven seas in search of adventure. Others cross the expanse of outer space to sate their rampant imagination. Alec Baldwin does it all. Yet few if any, in the course of their elusive quests, come face to face with a beautiful Princess who enables their wildest dreams to come true.

A boy approaching puberty enjoys exuberant imagination, which leads him through progressive stages of self-discovery. His imaginary travels unfold a world within him that most people don't even suspect exits.

Stan Law, an architect, sculptor and writer, once again delights in exploring the full range of human emotions. Alec, a lad of 13, is just becoming aware of the hormones that are about to play havoc with his sense of reality. Undeterred, he marshals all his courage and fights on. And, in a way as mystical as it was unexpected, he is rewarded beyond his wildest expectations.

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What some readers had to say:

"Your passion for the subject proves contagious and helps to suck the reader into the story. Your affection for Alec is evident and encourages the reader to root for him throughout the book. I like reading a story that stretches the reader's imagination and belief system." (Josh Cowan, writer, Canada)

"The cosmic merging of Alec and Sandra (Alexandra?) is exceptional writing, even for you. It should touch every sensitive reader in their innermost centers." (Kate Jones, writer, Pasadena, USA)

"I was instantly drawn into the magic of your story. It seems it enchants the child within each one of us. No matter what age..." (Bozena Happach, publisher, Montreal, PQ)

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