LocalGroupDeals.com - Helping Toronto Customers Getting Deals via the Power of Group Buying

Toronto, Canada, January 16, 2010 --(PR.com)-- LocalGroupDeals, the ‘deal-of-the-day’ website, is excited to announce its official launch at http://LocalGroupDeals.com.

LocalGroupDeals will feature daily deals on goods and services offered by Local Toronto Businesses. Each deal featured on the site requires a minimum number of people to join the deal in order to make the deal active. As the numbers grow, they are displayed on the site which in turn challenges others to join the deal.

LocalGroupDeals negotiates discounts for its purchasers by guaranteeing a business that a minimum number of purchasers will participate in their deal. The entire concept is based on the premise of ‘collective buying power’. Customers only get the ‘deal-of-the-day’ if the specified number of people sign up for the deal before it expires.

It’s a win-win for anyone who chooses to participate in the ‘deal-of-the-day’. Consumers get to experience a new product or service in the City of Toronto for a great price while businesses enjoy the excitement of welcoming a stream of new local customers through their doors.

With the sites additional net working tools such as Facebook and Twitter; the possibility to reach hundreds of potential customers is only a few key stokes away.

Log-on to www.LocalGroupDeals.com and sign up today.

Remember, a collective group has the power.

Businesses wishing to feature a deal, please send inquires to business@localgroupdeals.com

Wilson Ma