Transformation Essays on Love, Healing and Water is a Powerful and Insightful New Paperback Written by 15 Visionary Authors

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Los Angeles, CA, January 17, 2010 --( Read Transformation and discover what 15 amazing, visionary authors reveal about transforming your life and our world as we continue to evolve on this planet — together. When we all experience the synergies of life as a drop of water in a vast ocean of love, we learn how to shift our own consciousness and create inner peace. The inspirational wisdom and practical applications presented in Transformation offer true hope for our planet, all forms of life, and the collective consciousness of humanity.

Transformation co-authors are: International speaker, author and online radio host Al Diaz; Connie Dunn, a personal trainer and fitness instructor; Raul Rosiles, founder of Soul Based Living Publications, author and speaker; Dean Shrock, Ph.D. (served as Director of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician management group of 40 cancer centers), Ellie DeSilva, CEO, President and co-Founder of Indigo Rhythms; Samuel Kiwasz, a community synergist; Adriana Larkin, Sacred Geometry teacher, author, singer/ songwriter and online radio host; award winning floral designer and nature intuitive Robin Masiewicz; Deborah Mathews, an environmental specialist with an extensive Native American background; Koji Nakamura is considered one of today’s foremost Taiko artists; Kismet Salem, a Somatic Trauma Resolution Therapist and Cranial Sacral Practitioner; William Waterway Marks award-winning author, poet, and Native American flautist; D.L. ‘West’ Marrin, Ph.D. is an applied scientist, naturalist, and educator, Ann Audrey holds master’s degrees in both Agricultural Biochemistry & Nutrition and Water Resources Administration, Meir Schneider, Ph.D., L.M.T., is an internationally acclaimed educator, author, and is the founder of San Francisco’s nonprofit School for Self-Healing.

Transformation will be used as the foundation for the upcoming Transformation Book Tour in the Hawaiian Islands with Al Diaz, and the co-authors of Transformation Essays on Love, Healing & Water with January 2010 through early February dates and event details, to be announced. Al Diaz is an authentic and internationally known speaker, author and radio host. It is through his fulfillment of his own destiny and purpose, and responding to a worldwide audience, that he inspires and guides others to raise their level of awareness through his books, tele and live seminars, workshops, presentations, radio shows, newsletters and websites.

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