Fussy Cat Offers a New Valentine's Gift for Fluffy and Fido

90% of pet owners (and there are millions of them) consider pets to be family members and 66% of them buy their pets presents for a holiday. Fussy Cat introduce a new pet protection product that offers caring pet owners a way to truly show their love this Valentine's Day.

Glendora, CA, January 21, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Poll says: Two thirds of pet owners buy them presents.

In a Harris Interactive poll, around 90% of pet owners say they consider their pets to be members of the family, and about two thirds of them buy their pets presents for holidays. Increasingly, showing love for our animal family members fits for many, and with over 68% of households having one or more pets, that’s a lot of love.

The Fussy Cat company (www.FussyCat.com) is launching a great new pet protection product that would make a fantastic way to show both a pet and their family that they are loved. The FUSSY CAT Kit for Emergency Evacuation & Pet Survival (KEEPS) is designed to protect and provide for both a cherished pet family member and their person in the event of an emergency or disaster situation – and keeping a family's pets safe is one of the best ways to show both of them love.

The FUSSY CAT KEEPS is a proprietary box invention that folds down to only 3½ inches high for easy storage on a shelf or standing in a closet, yet opens to a full size carrier for moving a pet out of harms way. Then the KEEPS box works as a bed/shelter/litter box or whatever is needed once the pet is situated out of danger. Included are important supplies needed for a pet’s survival for about a week, and also for a person’s well being for a day or two. This allows a pet’s person to take the time needed to get a pet settled without suffering themselves. This emergency kit is truly ‘grab-and-go’!

Because it stores easily in the home, the FUSSY CAT KEEPS Box carries the familiar scents of home with it, helping to put a pet at ease in a stressful situation – the pet stays connected with their loved ones. And because the KEEPS Box incorporates many ‘green’ elements it also shows ‘love’ for the environment!

Go to www.FussyCat.com to take a look at the KEEPS box and see the many advantages it has for sharing love and support for a pet. For a limited time, with the purchase one or more kits using the coupon code ‘SAVE’ at checkout, get an instant 10% savings over the regular cost of each box (or put in a code from a favorite charity like The American Humane Association 'American Humane' or The Nevada SPCA 'NSPCA' to spread the love around even further).


Fussy Cat
Paul Heath