Stelly's "Snakes In The Grass" Part of AIDS Anthology

Timothy N Stelly Sr's short story on AIDS is part of a groundbreaking anthology.

Pittsburg, CA, January 16, 2010 --( Timothy N. Stelly, Sr., author of the 2009 sci-fi novel "Human Trial" and the sequel, "Human Trial II: Adam's War" (both AllThingsThatMatterPress), has had his short story "Snakes In The Grass" included in the groundbreaking AIDS anthology "The Shattered Glass Effect" (2009 Anna De Publishing).

"Snakes" is the story of two couples--Leon and Traci, and Craig and Maya. Craig has become involved with an attractive co-worker and worse, has amassed gambling debts that threaten both he and Maya’s safety, and is having an affair with a cunning co-worker. Craig’s tumultuous relationship with his father further complicates his life.

Leon, on the other hand, must deal with the games of his hustler brother, Panther. He is also feeling pressured by Traci, who wants him to make her “an honest woman.” But when the true nature of Leon and Maya’s relationship is revealed, they all must deal with the tragic repercussions of anger and betrayal.

"The Shattered Glass Effect" is a compilation of ten stories, all of which explore the physical and psychological consequences of AIDS in the black community. Other contributors to this work include Sydney Molare (author of "The Devil's Orchestra"), Erica N. Martin ("Straight With No Chaser"), Sheila Peele-Miller (author of "Daylight Comming"), Deanna Michelle Smith "Out Law City"), Michelle Davis-Newell ("Ain't Understanding Mellow"), Gevell Wagner (moderator of the RealSistaWriters website and author of tyhe upcoming novel, "Do For Love"), L.J. Wilson ("A Taste Of Java"), and newcomers Gloria Dotson-Lewis and Qiana Smith.

The anthology has been called "Powerful and eye-opening," (Earl Sewll, author of "Keysha's Drama") and sheds light on the most important issue currently affecting black Americans--the meteoric rise of AIDS infection.

The book is available at and other online boooksellers.

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