Card Miracles - Mind Blowing Card Magic with Gaffed Decks

Coconut Creek, FL, October 20, 2006 --( Classic Card Magic is used by Conjurers to perform amazing feats of sleight of hand and to create illusions with a deck of cards. These are the best card tricks - card miracles. The site of offers articles and specialized supplies for magicians of all levels in the field of prestidigitation, including a new array of gaffed decks that are currently being constructed for the March release.

Imagine using specialized cards that allow you to perform *card-miracles*. Imagine changing the color of one card to another? Imagine holding one card in your hand and turning it from the Ace to a King. Imagine passing your hand over the deck sitting on a table in front of the audience and changing the deck from red to blue without ever touching it. Imagine waving your hand over the cards on top of a deck and instantly they slide off the deck and cut to a selected card. Imagine having a spectator choose any card in a regular deck, replace the card, and watch as it not only turns over in the deck instantly, but it changes from a red backed card to a blue backed card right before their eyes. Gaffed cards are “trick cards”, specially designed that allow you to perform card conjuring magic you would never be able to perform otherwise. Do you want to blow minds in your performances? Gaffed cards make the difference between doing a “card trick” and a “card miracle.”

Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, president of Card Conjurer, Inc. says, “Gaffed decks aid the conjurer and magician in making card magic a lasting impression in the eyes of a spectator. They are limited only by the imagination and use of the card conjurer himself.” Classic Card Magic has always relied on taking that which is “impossible” in magic to that which is “miraculous.”

About Card Conjurer Inc.: In March of 2007 will open its internet doors to offer those who love card magic some of the necessary tools that take conjuring to another level. They will release three new sets of cards to raise the bar in card conjuring and mental magic. The decks will includes instructions for the most amazing card tricks ever, with a variety of trick cards and gimmicks designed to astonish an audience.

Card Conjurer, Inc.
Dr. C. Matthew McMahon