Nyema M. Taylor Releases Urban Fiction Novel

Love & Consequences: Urban Fiction with a Twist.

Philadelphia, PA, October 20, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Nyema M. Taylor releases a new urban fiction novel with a twist, "Love & Consequences." In the novel, Skyyzae, a nineteen-year-old black female from Philadelphia is desperate for a way up out the ghetto. She finds her meal ticket after falling head over heels for Tykey Tyson, a 1st round draft pick headed to the NBA. Despite all the heartache she’s been through in the past she still fell victim to that thing called love.

Slim, her manipulative Ex-Boyfriend, is just released from prison and on the hunt for what he claims is his, Skyyzae. When he finds out that he’s no longer the only one that holds a key to her heart, he decides to give her two options. Either she would be all his, or suffer the mandatory consequences and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Many quote the saying "Once mines Always mines" which was surely one of his best.

With her back up against the wall, she didn’t know whether to turn back to her ex-love to avoid any drama, or risk siding with her new love and take the way out she's been dying for. Skyyzae hoped and prayed that things would go her way, but in two short months she's never been more right, wrong, naïve or dramatized than in her whole entire life. They say what comes around goes around, which couldn’t be truer. But, in the end, who was lucky enough to make it out alive…

About The Author:
Nyema M. Taylor was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She currently resides in the Maryland Metropolitan area and working to release her second urban fiction novel titled "Deceitful Obsession." Her passion for writing started as a child. It all began with writing rhymes, poems, reading novels and ending with creations of her own. 

As God has blessed her in many ways, she continues to thank him everyday while on this journey. She is currently exploring other business ventures along with a sequeal to her fourth novel. Through the excitement and anxiety she endures on a daily basis, she now welcomes you to the release of her new novel "Love & Consequences" available for purchase on Amazon.com, Borders.com and bbotw.com

To receive an autographed discounted copy visit www.nyemataylor.com

Nyema M. Taylor