JustSpotify Releases First Ever Realtime Music Discovery Service

JustSpotify, a new realtime social music discovery service based in Manchester, has announced its public beta release today. The service is designed to enable users to help create a social music profile, promoting music and discovering music at the same time.

Manchester, United Kingdom, January 21, 2010 --(PR.com)-- JustSpotify, a new realtime social music discovery service based in Manchester, has announced its public beta release today. The service is open for anyone to use, however due to Spotify restrictions the project is limited to Spotify-supported countries (UK, Norway, France, etc).

JustSpotify is the solution to finding music you love, and because everyone has similar tastes in music which results in the concept becoming extremely useful. While giving amazing real-time features, all data that is submitted can help make real-time aggregrations of music usage data. JustSpotify has made preliminary agreements with companies like iTunes to help provide users with the ability to purchase music easily and effectively thus giving a legal approach to bringing the music industry back to life.

As a celebration of its opening, JustSpotify is giving away free Spotify Premium accounts and will announce all the winners on February 5th 2010. All users simply have to do is tweet "#justspotify" along with their "#nowplaying" tweet on Twitter and they are immediately accepted into the competition. Other prizes will possibly also be up for grabs which the service will be announced later on in the competition.

In addition to providing a real-time music trending service, JustSpotify has plans to extend its architecture into a larger music service providing music feeds from celebrities, working on integrating its voting into major music platforms, detaching the project from Twitter, and many other additions to further enhance the way they discover music in real-time.

"It's all about progressing music technology as far as possible; and it's clear that the people want a service that will join the real-time features that people want today. JustSpotify solely focuses on connecting music communities as quick as possible, and in this instance, real-time." - Oleg, Co-founder of JustSpotify

"JustSpotify will change the way we discover music because of the real-time data we have access to and how it can help you create your own music culture right now. Spotify changed the way we access music and Twitter has changed the way we communicate, we're going to change the productivity and way we discover music with the world." - Bilawal Hameed, Founder of JustSpotify

About JustSpotify: JustSpotify is a social real-time music discovery music based on Twitter, that is partially based around music service Spotify. JustSpotify provides users with the ability to support their favourite songs via voting and importing, so users are able to support artists and generate immediate recommendations to their profile.

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