Announcing Faceted Search Add-on for dtSearch® Developer Customers

Building on the dtSearch Engine APIs, Contegra Systems’ Kaleido Search Offers “Plug and Play” Faceted Searching to Content-Rich Websites and Other Applications.

Bethesda, MD, January 20, 2010 --( Contegra Systems specializes in the design and development of award-winning sites for online information publishers and other search- centric applications for Fortune 500 companies. The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991, dtSearch is a leading manufacturer of enterprise and developer text retrieval software.

Faceted search enables dynamic filtering of search results by attributes. Built on the dtSearch Engine APIs, Contegra Systems’ Kaleido Search now makes faceted search easily available to content-rich applications and e-commerce sites.

Kaleido Search. Faceted search provides end users the ability to dynamically filter search results by attributes, letting users browse through results selecting criteria relevant to their search. To date, faceted search has remained out of reach for many businesses because of design and programming costs. Contegra launched Kaleido Search to offer companies an out-of-the-box attractive user interface with an easy way to deploy faceted search, including “plug and play” operation with existing data sources.

“Faceted search leverages your metadata to ensure successful search results,” says Rob Wiesenberg, president of Contegra Systems. “Your users interact with your data through search and navigation, so faceted search is vital to the success of your business.”

Kaleido Search offers the ability to group search results by facet, the ability to “expand and collapse” facet selections, on-demand summaries of selected facets, and much more. Best of all, Kaleido Search enables these faceted search features in the context of comprehensive solution for online data access that is fully customizable to suit any site.

dtSearch Engine Embedded. “dtSearch has become the market-leading search platform, offering far and away the best functionality and value in the market,” says Mr. Wiesenberg. “We chose to partner with dtSearch for this new product after many, many years of working with their API for clients including Otis Elevator, Cornell University, Municode, WebMD, Pike & Fischer, BC Decker, etc.”

The dtSearch Engine can index over a terabyte of data in a single index – as well as create and instantly search an unlimited number of indexes. The software offers more than 25 search options, including Unicode support covering hundreds of international languages. Proprietary file format support highlights hits in popular file types. A built-in Spider supports searching of local and remote, public and secure, dynamic and static web data, with WYSIWYG hit-highlighted displays. The dtSearch Engine API supports .NET, Java, C++, SQL, etc., including native 64-bit Windows/Linux support.

“We do not do custom development work ourselves, and appreciate the opportunity to work with high-end integrators like Contegra,” says David Thede, president, dtSearch Corp. “We very much welcome the design and implementation expertise that they bring to the table for so many dtSearch Engine customers.”

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For more than two decades, Contegra has designed and developed award-winning search applications for Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, major online publishers and many other clients. For more information about Kaleido Search, please call Contegra Systems at (914) 328-2269, email, or visit Contegra Systems online at

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