ACCESS Releases Short Sale Guide for Financially Troubled Homeowners

Guide discusses options other than foreclosure for those behind in their mortgage payments and provides a variety of helpful resources.

Los Angeles, CA, January 20, 2010 --( ACCESS has released a guide to assist financially distressed homeowners facing foreclosure explore other options that are more beneficial to their credit and which may help them avoid costly lawsuits from their mortgage lenders. The guide is designed to give homeowners a variety of information that they may be embarrassed to ask others about.

"Many homeowners don't know that there are often alternatives to foreclosure," said Jim Malmberg, ACCESS Executive Director. "More importantly, they don't understand that these alternatives may speed their financial recovery, be less detrimental to their credit history, and avoid expensive law suits from their lender."

The guide explores various options for getting out from under unaffordable mortgage payments, the emotional issue associated with a foreclosure and/or short sale, and provides a list of helpful government and charitable resources. The guide can be downloaded for free at



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Jim Malmberg