Kumara Centre Happy to Announce Whole New Range of Energy Healing Courses

To respond to James Cameron’s new movie ‘Avatar’ and its teachings within, the Kumara Meditation & Healing Centre offers a whole new range of pranic healing courses.

Perth, Australia, February 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- If you think Avatar is only another big Hollywood blockbuster, think again. Liz from the Kumara Centre in Perth knows why. The movie is underlining a newly found way of communicating with our mother Earth and being able to heal ourselves and the people around us by simply focusing on our energy body.“Avatar is actually a very spiritual movie and we can indeed learn a lot from the indigenous people in the movie”, says Liz from the Kumara Meditation & Healing Centre in Perth, Western Australia. Therefore Kumara is offering a whole new range of pranic healing courses. “People are actively asking about energy and pranic healing and we are happy to adjust our program to respond to the demand”, announces Liz happily.

Liz knows what she is talking about as she and her husband Roger are the founders of the Kumara Meditation & Healing Centres (www.kumara.com.au). Kumara has direct licensing from the Institute for Inner Studies, Manila - Pranic Healing Headquarters - to teach all but the highest courses which are facilitated only by visiting International Teachers. “Exactly as shown in the movie the energy body helps us to meditate, aids pranic healing through utilising prana, see auras and have psychic visions” they explain; “it also helps our spiritual growth and gives us a more balanced lifestyle.”

If you want to learn more about this amazing healing modality, you can attend the Kumara weekly Pranic Healing Clinics that are open to the public and which are held 3-times per week. Visit http://kumara.com.au/index.php/pranic-healing to see the broad range of Pranic Healing courses that are available at the Kumara Centre in Perth, Western Australia.

About Kumara:
The first Kumara Centre opened in 2003 and is located in the beautiful Northshore Tennis and Country Club. This Centre has a large workspace room, plus therapy and massage rooms. The second, and now main centre, opened its doors in September 2007 in the northern suburbs of Perth and has a gift shop and book café plus a large workspace area. For more information, come to one of Kumara’s meditation centres or visit: www.kumara.com.au

Kumara Meditation & Healing Centre
Liz McCaughey