Magenta Brings to Market the Next Release of Real-Time Scheduling Engine for Truck Fleet Operators

Magenta Technology, the leading provider of multi-agent technology for supply chain and logistics markets, has announced a new release of its Truck Scheduling Engine which enables real-time incremental planning for complex truck logistics networks.

London, United Kingdom, October 21, 2006 --( Magenta Technology, the leading provider of multi-agent and semantic web technologies for supply chain and logistics markets, has announced a new release of its Truck Scheduling Engine which enables real-time incremental planning in complex networks. Unlike traditional scheduling solutions Magenta’s engine increases effectiveness of planning operations by dynamically responding to unforeseen events in real time.

Magenta’s Transportation Scheduling Engine augments traditional optimisation and scheduling software to improve schedule quality and reduce costs. The new version of Magenta’s Engine, which enables scheduling decision makers to respond quickly and, effectively to high volumes of complex information, is now capable of supporting operations for Less Than Full Load-networks with 5000 orders per day and a fleet of 500 or more trucks. The engine may work as a stand alone application or be integrated into existing software and scheduling capabilities.

Magenta’s expertise in truck scheduling results from working for many years with leading truck logistics companies. This release has functionality to support: order consolidation and handling at cross-docks, trailer swaps, driver shift management with regard to the European Working Time Directive, planning into existing capacity of a schedule (“fixed” routes), as well as solving complex trade offs such as choosing between own fleet and subcontractors. This functionality, combined with the ability to schedule in real-time, makes Magenta’s scheduling solution a powerful aid to truck fleet planners in their pursuit of higher fleet utilisation and lower costs.  When orders are late, unforeseen orders arrive, trucks break down, drivers fail to appear or roads are congested, Magenta’s engine is able to present a logistics company with practical alternatives that handle the real-life situation as and when these adverse events occur.

Magenta’s scheduling solution is based on multi-agent technology.  This gives the software human-like capabilities to solve complex resource conflicts – making sensible trade off decisions, to find an optimal solution given sub-optimal conditions. The engine also has the ability to integrate with tracking devices and real-time traffic information to provide real-time, event-driven contingency planning during execution of orders.

Magenta’s innovative scheduling solution is a break though in truck operations scheduling, taking the main burden off planners and giving them a flexible and robust decision-support tool.  This significantly reduces new order scheduling time and enables planners to adopt up-dates and changes into their schedules as and when these are needed. This enables higher level of flexibility and service in dealing with customers, while avoiding penalties for missing agreed service levels.  Customers are able to see that their orders are handled with much greater attention to changes in their own business situation, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

Magenta position this unique scheduling solution as an enhancement to logistics’ companies’ existing systems.  The engine provides competitive edge, improved customer service and profitability through optimal utilisation of fleets.

About Magenta Technology
Launched in 1999, Magenta Technology is recognised as a world-leader in the development and commercial application of multi-agent technology. Multi-agent systems are comprised of many small programs, called software agents that interact with each other to find solutions to complex problems. These applications enable businesses to gain competitive edge by enhancing traditional technology and enabling companies to react quickly and intelligently to real-world events as they happen. Multi-agent systems provide new insights, identify unknown patterns in information and improve decision making. Ground breaking systems have been developed in the areas of supply chain logistics, scheduling, resource allocation and manufacturing. Magenta’s customers use multi-agent systems to deliver results where their traditional systems based on fixed models of the world, rigid sets of rule and complex mathematical algorithms are unable to derive a solution within a reasonable timescale.

Magenta’s clients are innovative companies that wish to gain competitive edge within their markets and are willing to invest in technology to secure a successful future. Typically these companies turned to Magenta to deliver success after traditional package-based solutions have been found wanting.

Magenta employs over 120 people globally, with software development taking place in Russia. This has proven to be an excellent location for securing the services of highly experienced, skilled and creative staff who challenge and enhance Magenta’s customers’ thinking.

Magenta Corporation Ltd is one of the portfolio companies of Eurovestech Plc (

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