Authors Jay Goldberg and Jill Desena-Shook to Co-Host the Radio Show Job Talk with Jill and Jay

Jay Goldberg, author of How to Get, Keep and Be Well Paid in a Job and Jill Desena-Shook, author of Just Tell Me How to Get Hired! are co-hosting a radio show offering job search and on-the-job advice to help people get work, keep their jobs and grow in their jobs.

New York, NY, January 21, 2010 --( Authors Jay Goldberg (How to Get, Keep and Be Well Paid in a Job) and Jill Desena-Shook (Just Tell Me How to Get Hired!) have agreed to develop a radio show to share their expertise and insights on everything job related. All topics encompassing the job search process, from ensuring you get called for an interview through acing the interview to land your dream job; and all topics regarding career growth, from how to become a highly-valued employee through how to avoid and resolve issues at work that can become major obstacles to career growth, will be discussed. In addition, listeners will learn how Human Resource Department personnel, interviewers and supervisors think, so they can increase their odds of success both for getting a job, and growing in their job.

The pilot is being recorded live, Sunday morning, January 24th at 9:00 AM. The two primary topics for this half-hour show are active listening and “the Ladder”. The show will be broadcast on Blog Talk Radio. To find out more information on the show, the authors, their books and background; or to request a topic for the show, or ask a question of Jill or Jay, visit There will also be a link to the live show and past prerecorded shows at the web address previously mentioned and at

Jay Goldberg, MBA, is a former Service Director with Citibank and Program Manager for The Palm Beach County Resource Center, an Economic Development Not for Profit Corporation. He currently is the CEO of DTR Inc. a business consulting firm specializing in employee development and training; and strategic planning. At DTR Inc., Mr. Goldberg developed a work readiness training program that was called the best work readiness certification program in the United States by a member of the National Skills Standard Board during a presentation of the program in Jacksonville, Florida in January of 2003.

For over 12 years, Jill Desena-Shook has excelled in the recruiting industry. Both temporary and full-time placements have consistently set her sales into the multi-million dollar level. Jill’s clients are a diverse mix of global law firms; fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, international luxury hotels, fashion houses, textile factories, and media corporations. She earned her Bachelor of Arts at Hofstra University and is currently recruiting in the New York metropolitan area.

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