ArtFire Creates Self-Moderating Forums

New ArtFire forums empower artisans in governance and offer automated business promotion.

Tucson, AZ, January 21, 2010 --(, the premiere artisan marketplace, has just rolled out a unique forum system designed to do away with official forum moderators and instead allow for community members to participate in moderation. These forums allow members to vote on users positively or negatively using a reputation bar seen only by the other logged-in participants.

This use of community voting and moderation has never been seen in an artisan forum structure previously. When users are voted down, they essentially go into a kind of “time out” in which they are able to continue posting but the public and shoppers are not able to see those posts for a period of time, depending on their reputation score. Members can also be voted up for helpful or useful posts, which provide the artist and their items with additional exposure in the forums.

ArtFire’s forum structure also incorporates more e-commerce aspects into community features. Pro sellers posting in the forums will have their items displayed along the right size of the screen, available for buyers to hotlist or purchase without leaving the page.

“Forums have long been a method of promotion for artisans,” said Tony Ford, COO of “Our new item display feature essentially automates this and rewards artisans for interacting with additional promotional exposure.”

“These new forums give the community the tools they need to set and enforce their own standards,” said John Jacobs, CEO of “With this tool there can still be passionate debate without the risk of artisans damaging their reputation with the buying public if things get heated.”

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ArtFire is the leading artisan marketplace in innovation. Although just over a year old, ArtFire is the first artisan venue to offer sellers the ability to create customizable studio storefronts, unique coupon codes, and remote checkout technology. The new Artfire Chatterbox forums are another way that ArtFire is changing how an artisans interact with an online community and marketplace.

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