Gain the Ultimate Gaming Experience with an Advanced Orientation Sensor in the Latest Version of Seawasp from HoneyMilk Labs

With Version 1.5.0 of the riveting new Android game, players can move their submarines simply by tiling their phone

Minneapolis, MN, January 23, 2010 --( The latest captivating and action-packed Android game just got even better. Version 1.5.0 of Seawasp, from HoneyMilk Labs, includes a highly intuitive sensor that automatically gauges the phone's orientation and rotates the display for optimal viewing.

Now, players can steer their submarine to avoid incoming enemy missiles simply by tilting their phone back and forth. This technically advanced sensor is enabled for all new installs of this exhilarating Android game.

"With the addition of the orientation sensor feature, Seawasp players can take advantage of the latest technology for Android devices," according to the creators of Seawasp. "This exciting new enhancement provides a powerful user experience, allowing players to feel as if there are right in the middle of the action."

The latest version of Seawasp also allows players to progress through even more levels of difficulty as they shoot down enemy ships from their submarine. With version 1.5.0, players will be faced with more obstacles and dangers than ever before.

Players can still take advantage of 2 different versions of Seawasp: a free "demo" version and a paid "full version," each with varying levels and rewards.

The demo version includes:
- 3 potential awards
- 3 progressing levels of play
- 2 background music tracks from acclaimed artist Chris Huelsbeck

The full version includes:
- 12 potential awards
- 9 total levels of play
- An exclusive music soundtrack from Huelsbeck

Players can get Seawasp on their phones from the Android Market. Plus, players can upgrade to the full version by clicking on the icon seen in the demo version for just 1.99 Euros.

"The team at HoneyMilk Labs is constantly working to take Seawasp to the next level, based on the latest cutting-edge technology as well as feedback from players," say the Seawasp creators. "This latest version is proof of our commitment to creating the most riveting, challenging Android game experience possible."

About HoneyMilk Labs
HoneyMilk Labs is an independent game studio based in Vorarlberg, Austria. The latest version of Seawasp, an arcade/action Android game for mobile devices, was released Dec. 4. For more information, visit

About Chris Huelsbeck
Chris Huelsbeck is an acclaimed composer and sound designer working in the video games industry for more than 20 years. Huelsbeck has provided high-quality music and sound for more than 75 projects. Credits include the Star Wars Rogue Squadron Series, Turrican, Tunnel B1, Extreme Assault and Symphonic Shades, as well as a 70-minute full orchestral concert and CD release covering his work spanning 20 years. For more information, visit

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