The Misadventures of Foot in Mouth Man: The Movie Makes Its World Debut

Clever cartoon short geared to youth uses humor to emphasize the need for good communication skills in daily life.

Hesperia, CA, October 23, 2006 --( When God led communication expert JoJo Tabares to a little character named Foot in Mouth Man, an idea was conceived. “'The Misadventures of Foot in Mouth Man,' affectionately known as FIMM for short, was an idea that God gave me. This little character, FIMM, was to be brought to life each week on our blog ‘Communication FUNdamentals’ as a way to teach kids the importance of communication skills by watching him fumble and bumble his way through life each week,” comments Mrs. Tabares.

What basically started out as a humorous weekly cartoon strip to tell the story of this socially awkward, albeit well-intentioned, 40-something character took on a life of its own. “People started writing to me about FIMM to tell me how much they enjoyed tuning in to his weekly mishaps and social blunders on the blog,” laments Tabares, “so we decided to take it to the next level and bring FIMM to the internet small screen by making his social foibles into an animated short!”

Mrs. Tabares insists that this ‘unhero’ means well. “FIMM is a good-natured fellow who deserves an ‘A’ for effort, but he lacks the tact and social grace needed to communicate clearly, so he often finds himself in embarrassing situations with his foot firmly planted in his mouth,” she says. “Frankly, FIMM has a complete lack of communication skills and sticks his foot in his mouth so often that he suffers from what I like to call ‘Athlete’s Tongue’,” she jokes.

When asked what’s in store for Foot in Mouth Man, Mrs. Tabares had this to say: “God laid this whole story out for me. FIMM’s audience will continue to see him fumble through life and attempt to navigate through major life events like courtship, marriage, and having children.” Mrs. Tabares sees ‘The Misadventures of FIMM’ as a fun way to show youth the importance of learning communication skills by highlighting FIMM’s inability to communicate effectively in his everyday life. FIMM followers will enjoy many misadventures such as ‘Romance FIMM Style’, ‘Homeschooling FIMM Faux Pas’, and ‘Improving FIMMself’, to name just a few.

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Mrs. JoJo Tabares