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SyberWorks, Inc.

The e-Learning Lingo Show Looks at “Facilitative Tools”

SyberWorks, Inc., a leader in custom e-Learning Solutions and the Learning Management System industry, today announces the next episode of the e-Learning Lingo Podcast Series, about a tool used in learning theory, “Facilitative Tools.”

Waltham, MA, January 23, 2010 --( Dave Boggs, CEO of SyberWorks, states, “This week’s episode of the e-Learning Lingo Podcast describes electronic features that can be used to deliver e-Learning content.”

The e-Learning Lingo Podcast Episode #122: “Facilitative Tools” is located in the SyberWorks Online Media Center at in the About Us section of the SyberWorks web site. The transcript is located at This press release resides on the SyberWorks web site at

SyberWorks, Inc.

SyberWorks, located in Waltham, MA, is a leader in providing custom-made e-Learning Solutions and Learning Management Systems/Learning Content Management Systems for Fortune 1000 corporations, higher education, law enforcement agencies, healthcare organizations, and others. The company has developed and delivered unique and economical solutions to create, manage, measure, and improve e-Learning initiatives at companies and organizations across the globe since 1995.

The e-Learning Lingo Podcast Series

The e-Learning Lingo Podcasts are a SyberWorks creation. The weekly e-Learning Lingo Podcast episodes discuss some important terms used throughout the e-Learning industry. The e-Learning Lingo Podcast Series is focused around words that are used by professionals in the fields of e-Learning, Performance Management, & Human Capital Management.

The SyberWorks Learning Management System/Learning Content Management System (LMS/LCMS)

SyberWorks Training Center (STC) is a Web-based Learning Management System/Learning Content Management System that provides a complete solution for managing & tracking all types of training at organizations — from e-Learning courses to traditional classroom training and self-paced study programs. The STC includes extensive testing and assessment tools, reporting, management, communication and collaboration tools, and quality control capabilities — all in one integrated database application that is highly scalable to precisely meet your organization’s needs. The SyberWorks Training Center LMS/LCMS can be purchased as an enterprise license or hosted application.

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