Esker on Demand Automates GFE Supplier Invoicing

GFE, a French corporate accounting firm, has chosen an Esker on Demand solution to automatically capture and archive supplier invoices received from customers

Madison, TN, January 24, 2010 --( Esker, the leader in document process automation solutions, has announced a new contract with GFE (Gestion France Enterprises), a corporate accounting and financial auditing firm with five offices in the southeast of France. GFE has chosen Esker on Demand for seamless integration with its Cegid Expert accounting application to automate incoming supplier invoices from its customers. Choosing a SaaS (software as a service) solution helped the company avoid a large initial investment and lengthy implementation period typically involved with traditional software solutions. This new contract reinforces the strength of Esker’s position in the supplier invoice automation market and demonstrates Esker’s ability to effectively meet the requirements of the accounting industry.

Time for a change

With over 1,500 corporate customers, GFE needed to reduce the costs of invoice reception and improve consistency. Prior to Esker on Demand, GFE would collect company financial records by traveling out to visit the customer or through customer intermediaries who either dropped them off at a GFE office or sent them by mail. The document collection process created a considerable drain on resources, including travel expenses and occasional document loss.

To fix this issue, GFE chose Esker on Demand to automate the reception of supplier invoices from its customers. Today, when a supplier invoice is scanned in by a customer or a GFE employee, an image of the supplier invoice is automatically sent to the Esker on Demand platform where data is extracted and made available for validation through a web interface. Once the user has validated the extracted data it is automatically uploaded into Cegid Expert and both the image and extracted data are archived in the GFE customer portal for future reference.

“The Esker on Demand solution is a perfect fit for our business, integrating directly with Cegid Expert and giving us instant access to a document process solution that automates the capture and archiving of supplier invoices received (continued) from our customers — without having to worry about technical constraints or costs,” said Serge Laurent, Expert Accounting Associate at GFE. “Esker on Demand allows us to reduce time and travel costs associated with collecting and entering financial records so we can concentrate on tasks that add higher value to our customers. The solution also helps us respond to our goal of sustainable development through the reduction of the use of paper and travel.

“Finally, linking the invoice directly to the accounting entry helps us monitor financial record consistency and allows us to offer a new archiving service to our customers.”

“Bringing GFE on board confirms the relevance of Esker on Demand solutions to meet the needs of accounting firms and SMBs,” added Michel Guyenot, Sales Director at Esker France. “As a true alternative to traditional software, Esker on Demand gives GFE employees instant access to a fully automated supplier invoicing solution without the need to wait for software and infrastructure installation. With no technical constraints and predictable costs our customers quickly achieve productivity gains.”

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