Newest Release from Barbados Author Focuses on the Positive

Denver, CO, October 23, 2006 --( When Lester “Zoom” Headley’s first book, The Crystal Treasure, was complete, his friend, Eiluj, said to him: “Lester, reach for the stars and all other things will fall into place. Unearth your talent—one book is not enough.” So this former Barbados speed walking champion launched into his newest motivational offering, A Blaze of Tropical Sunshine. This small but powerful work is a tribute to optimistic thinking. In both poetry and prose, Lester “Zoom” Headley, celebrates life, his country, humility, excellence in all undertakings, and respect for all people.

“This woman is a loyal daughter, a sister mother of nature and of all affection She is the bright sunlight that sparks from her radiant complexion  You can never question her commitment to her dedication She is the heart and soul with the responsibility of all human earthly creation.”

He is also not afraid to examine the challenges so many people face in the world today—the failure of leaders, racial prejudice, the need for proper education, the suffering caused by natural disasters, and even the need for responsible sex.

“God created sex for us all to enjoy
It is an honor to enjoy and have a plan to multiply
Today it is taken as an easy joy ride
Watch how, when, where and why we should decide
Be ye careful in your unprofessional thirst; don’t let HIV tag you on the graveside.”

The overall impression that readers will walk away with after reading A Blaze of Tropical Sunshine is what sums up Lester “Zoom” Headley’s belief system: that a life must be lived with “purpose, passion, and positiveness.”

Lester “Zoom” Headley was born on the island of Barbados. His writing began during the days of his adolescence, when he not only penned poems but plays. He was dubbed “Zoom” by the press during the years that he represented his country as a champion speed walker in international competitions. For a time he served as a police officer in the Turks & Caicos Royal Police, as a duty-free store manager, as a life insurance agent, and as a Golf Operational Retail Manager. Today he is known as the “Change Agent for motivation & excellence.” For the five Diamond Resort Sandy Lane in Barbados.

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Page count: 132
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Lester “Zoom” Headley
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