New Southern Humor Book Packs an Unexpected Heartfelt Punch

Denver, CO, October 23, 2006 --( Edna Mae Thornberry appeared for the first time at the retirees’ meeting wearing a long white muumuu that had large orange flowers all over it, a white turtleneck shirt and her “signature” socks, the ones that were striped and had individual toes. She had a straw hat on her head and eyeglasses the size of saucers. “They say that every family tree is full of nuts, but ours doesn’t even have any branches. We believe in marrying kin ‘cuz we just don’t trust strangers.”

Edna Mae Thornberry, Herself: Before and After is the story of a Southern lady—and ordained Internet preacher—of outrageous wit and candor, an indescribable taste in clothing, and an unwavering belief in God. She hails from somewhere just north of the Florida/Georgia border and regularly comes to visit her friends at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Clearwater, Florida. With each visit, readers are regaled by letters from her cousin, Minnie, which contain all the latest news from the “holler” about the many holiday gatherings, family celebrations, and happenings at her church, the Church of the Not Quite Altogether: 

“Tell that cute preacher man that there may soon be an opening up here at the Church of the Not Quite Altogether ‘cuz Preacher Blessing is thinking of retiring after Christmas. He got real mad because someone put moonshine in the baptismal font and it was such a big hit that people came from miles around to be baptized again…” 

What makes this humor book different from most is the contrast between the “before and after” parts of the book, when the author’s real-life stroke becomes her character’s experience. It is here that Edna Mae’s story takes on a poignant coloration that gives the book an unexpected depth. 

Edna Mae Thornberry is the brainchild of author Joyce Liberty. “Edna Mae Thornberry,” Liberty says, “is an outrageous figment of my over-active imagination and my obviously under-utilized sense of humor.” Liberty is a freelance writer, whose work was focused in the genre dealing with nostalgia and the geriatric set until Edna Mae came along. Though the author has been a nurse, teacher and radio personality, this association with Edna Mae, she says, is “the frosting on the cake.”

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ISBN(s): 1598006290
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Page count: 80
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Joyce A. Liberty
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