New Blog Offers Tips and Strategies for Body Pain Management

Biocentric Health’s new weblog offers people who suffer from chronic pain access to a complete portal on chronic pain management. The site offers tips and strategies in the management of body pain.

Bethesda, MD, January 24, 2010 --( The American Academy of Pain Management defines pain as a “silent epidemic” and estimates that more than 50 million Americans live with chronic pain caused by disorder, disease, or accident. “Body pain is one of the most pervasive medical complaints of our time”, according to Rick Popowitz, CEO of BioCentric Health, Inc, which focuses on educating consumers about supplements for pain management.

BioCentric Health is pleased to announce the development of a new weblog,, which focuses on providing tips and strategies for body pain management, especially of chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The focus of this site is to provide consumers with a portal to access complete information on chronic pain management, in an easy to follow and accessible format.

The site is supported by several professionals, notably Mark Wiley, OMD, PhD who is an expert on alternative methods for pain management.

“We try to focus on a whole person approach,” says Popowitz, “as strategies like proper diet, proper sleep, and appropriate exercise can greatly assist those living with chronic pain. At the same time, it is wise to consider nutritional supplements as they, too, can play role in proper pain management.”

The site offers regularly updated, freely accessible information on how chronic pain sufferers can make better lifestyle choices to reduce their pain. The site offers a free report on pain management, which visitors can receive simply by entering their name and email on the site.

“Our research shows that body pain is manageable and that quality of life can be enhanced with the proper treatment methodologies.”

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