A Former University Lecturer in the Late Republic of Vietnam Shares his Spiritual ‘Journey To Beyond The Tombs’

Denver, CO, October 23, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Memoir 1975-2005 provides the journey with fully intriguing historical details to captivate your spirit. The Voice of God’s Rock exposes the living experiences and arduous studies that led the writer up to his definite and irreversible departure from Traditional Christianity. And As the wind blowing finally testifies against the human deviations past and present away from YHVH God The Creator – that is, to this postmodern world of political intrigue, military violence, and global terrorism.

Do you think there could ever be any road-map to peace for man?
Do you wish this world as well as this humanity to be ‘unified’ – that is, ‘made into-one / self-same’?
Do you hope for an after-life ‘beyond the real tombs’? Or an eternal life bodily?
If so, Beyond the Tombs is not for you.

This second edition of A spiritual concerto is to clarify the Spiritual Tombs beyond which there are ‘those Children raised out of rock for Abraham’ – cut off from the Land as well as from the Temple, but not from the Eternal Covenant of Love and Peace, and so ‘being and remaining foreigners and sojourners all over the earth’. 

Let us be gathered unto YHVH our God, not into whatever kingdom – paradise – union – religion … or any thing of the sort man-made. 

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David Kolzion
17 Wingfield Rd. Wingfield SA 5013 – Australia
08 82430562

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