Professional Gambler Tells How Not to Lose Your Shirt in the Casino

Legalized gambling is sweeping the nation, fueled by gamblers’ losses. This book will help readers understand the nature of the beast and how best to cope with it.

Memphis, TN, October 23, 2006 --( Some 99% of casino gamblers are losers in the long run, even in non-tribal casinos (those regulated by state gambling boards), where the allowed slot machine casino “keep” is closely controlled. Naturally, these casinos must make enough gross profit to pay taxes, overhead, payoff occasional winners and to show a profit for the shareholders, and the bulk of that money comes from the losses of gamblers. Casinos don’t want gamblers to know how little chance they have of winning—thus pictures of winners adorn the walls of casinos; not pictures of the millions of losers.

However poor the odds of winning at even state-controlled casinos, they are nevertheless much better than the odds of winning state lotteries. And many casinos do provide fine restaurants and first-class entertainment that can be enjoyed by patrons. The author encourages patrons to have fun but to avoid being taken in by the hype, bells and whistles, cheats and predators found in gaming establishments.

A primary reason for writing this book, according to the author, is to level the playing field for recreational gamblers. Accordingly, how to select the casino, which games to play, how to play those games, and how to get the most out of promotions and other freebies are questions addressed in the book.

The author points out that losing and winning streaks occur in all casino games. He developed a method of play he calls “cycle strategy,” a type of play designed to attenuate losses and increase winnings. He notes that while employees, casino entertainers and scavengers are the only individuals to make money on every casino visit, cycle strategy gives patrons a good chance to lose less and win more often.  

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