Black Global Development Corps Helps Blacks to Participate During and After Disasters

Says Rosanita Ratcliff of the Black Global Development Corps, "Many African-Americans are overlooked during times of natural disasters. This was especially apparent during the Haiti earthquake disaster. News outlets showed White organizations and their members helping with victims, rescuing them from buildings, feeding them. But, where were the images of Blacks? It is a hot topic of discussion in the Black community. Black Global Development Corps is trying to solve that problem."

Los Angeles, CA, January 24, 2010 --( Rosanita Ratcliff, developer of the Black Global Development Corps found when talking to business owners and people who wish to volunteer that education and information were missing in the Black community. “Many wish to help in some way. They want to donate money and goods, help rebuild, and volunteer. The issue that arises is a lack of information. What are the necessary steps to volunteer during a disaster? Where can they get local training? Where are they welcome to volunteer? The Corps is not just for those who already have the skills and are ready at a moment‘s notice, but for those who wish to gain those same skills.”

The Black Global Development Corps disburses information regarding how to register as a minority owned business, how to register as a city, county, state and federal contractor, how to search for and find contracts, how to sign up as a business located in an empowerment zone, how to find trade missions, information regarding disaster relief training, and other educational information.

The purpose of the Black Global Development Corps is to train people of African descent to help before, during and after natural disasters in the communities in which they reside and in other communities as well.

“We want to help protect the legacies and cultures of those affected by disasters and assist them with gaining the skills to truly compete in the global economic market.” Says Rosanita Ratcliff, co-founder of the Black Kinship Network and developer of the Black Global Development Corps.


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