Death by Due Process is Washington Lawyer’s First Novel

Washington, DC, October 23, 2006 --( This is the story of a man sentenced to die in Georgia’s electric chair for the rape and murder of a pregnant woman and a young, inexperienced lawyer’s efforts to save his life.

This book is replete with sex, courtroom drama and food. The author is a foodie and he writes of meals, restaurants and recipes. The real story is about the lawyer, Charlie Scott, two years out of law school and working in a deadly dull transactional law firm in Washington, D.C. Scott agrees to represent Willie Ray Johnson in his post conviction appeal. He travels to Georgia and encounters incredible resistance, from the prison guards, the defense trial lawyer, the trial judge and the entire system. He battles alone, until he encounters the beautiful, peaches and cream blond, Virginia Shaw. She has no resistance and teaches him about the system and about pleasures in her bedroom. The story chronicles Charlie Scott’s growth as a man, a lover and a trial lawyer. The story is also about the death penalty, grotesque, barbaric and never fair.

Author Contact: John Gordon Forester, Jr.
1914 Sunderland Place, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Tel. 202 293-3353
Fax. 202 293-3359 

Book Statistics ISBN: 1-59800-786-6
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Page Count: 252
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