What the Press Does Not Want You to Know: How the Media Turned an American Dream into a Nightmare

Restaurant: Gettin' Their Kicks Stompin' On a Dream by Beverly King chronicles one newspaper's destructive campaign then subsequent cover-up.

Las Vegas, NV, October 23, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Restaurant: Gettin' Their Kicks Stompin' On a Dream by Beverly King explores how the media recklessly crushed her budding enterprise.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and then vanquished in Beverly King's blistering memoir. When she and her husband began their small restaurant, Salsa Dave's in Sparks, Nevada, they quickly got a rave review. Business boomed, but then a self-destructive reporter with a bone to pick began to target them with a series of nasty and libelous reviews. To their helpless horror, the boom became a bust and all they had earned was threatened. But Beverly and her husband fought back. When the newspaper refused to print a retraction and proceeded to destroy evidence in the interim, they took their case to the highest court in the land.

This is a searing tale for anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a business, and a stunning tale of two Davids determined to fight a cold and uncaring Goliath. Provocative and powerful, King's book shows the power of the written word and is a must-read for anyone who reads a newspaper or dines out.

For more information please contact the author by email at beverly@livinginlasvegas.net, by telephone at 702-450-3909 or through the author's website, www.outskirtspress.com/restaurant Restaurant: Gettin' Their Kicks Stompin' On a Dream is available for sale online at Amazon.com, Borders.com. and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.
About the Author 

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Beverly King is the great, great, grandniece of Mark Twain. She lives with her husband, David, and their two dogs in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both she and her husband have left the restaurant business and are Realtors again.

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