Casterine Cotour Announces Launch Party

An innovative lifestyle brand makes their long-awaited debut.

New York, NY, February 06, 2010 --( Casterine Cotour Fashion VS Cancer: Preview Show & After Party will be held during NYC Fashion Week on February 12 2nd Ave (East 92nd ST) 2nd FLR Loft. Guestlist entry only.

Casterine Cotour , a new arrival on the fashion scene will unleash their rock-glam aesthetic on NY for the first time. The innovative lifestyle brand offers clothing for both men and women; where the main design concept each season is time in all its limitlessness fused with eccentric characteristics to create original designs.

“We are excited about this opportunity to provide another fresh way to getting dressed up,” said Co-Founder, president and head fashion designer Joshua Colon. “While targeting the same audience as high-end boutiques, we feel strongly that Casterine Cotour best known as CXC more closely reflects the new fashionable mindset. We are unorthodox, independent, well educated, well read, and well informed.” The brand's slogan “Esto Perpetua : Ad Infinitum” fittingly expresses their endurance and the infinite style prospects CXC has to offer. One being the CaCo Movement with daily increasing supporters in anticipation of their blog updates, limited collections and upcoming 5 International City Tour 2010 launch. Most excitingly, is the group of designers to be assembled this year, who will help display the diverse elements of fashion in the brand.

CXC promises to entertain with a choreographed-theatrical performance for the runway presentation. There will also be (among other surprises) a champagne toast, swag bag table, live commercial shoot and charity fundraiser-where Mr. Colon will make a very personal donation. This is guaranteed to be a memorable event.

Music arranged specifically for this show by DJ Janelly, who will work her turntable charm, and will be joined by surprise musical/celebrity guests to round off the evening.

Casterine Cotour
Joshua Colon