Changes in BOMA Standards Can Lead to Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

Dallas, TX, January 27, 2010 --( National interior architecture and design firm, Staffelbach, is notifying those involved in commercial real estate that the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) standards have changed for the first time since 1996. New terminology, as well as changes in what can be considered measurable and applicable space, can provide opportunities to find new, leasable space in commercial buildings.

“Building owners should take the time to get to know these new standards,” said Linda Mann, Project Director and Tenant Procurement Specialist. “By bringing in a firm like Staffelbach to review and measure a structure, a concrete and intimate understanding of a building’s available and lease-able space becomes the foundation by which new financial projections can be made. At a time when so many involved in commercial real estate are trying to find something to give them a measure of assistance in their ability to survive, we have often found great news to give them when we have been able to properly analyze a space, thus providing a set of numbers that can be held confidently against counterparts and peers in the industry.”

The new 2010 BOMA standards have been accepted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and were released on December 31, 2009. BOMA International has been publishing standards since 1915.

“The best thing that an owner can do is get their space evaluated,” said Mann. “BOMA is the tangible standard that allows commercial structures to be compared to each other, apples to apples. With these standards the numbers provide a real understanding as to the value of that building that the owner is holding in their hands. It prevents an abstract system which can mean a real difference in a building’s listed square footage. We have seen it mean tens of thousands of square feet worth of product – and that equals a lot of money to someone in this industry.”

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About The Building Owners and Managers Association
For almost 100 years, BOMA International has set the standard for measuring buildings. In 1915, BOMA first published the Standard Method of Floor Measurement for Office Buildings, an accepted and approved methodology by the American National Standards Institute. Throughout the years, the standard has been revised to reflect the changing needs of the real estate market and the evolution of office building design. Today, BOMA International is the secretariat of a suite of measurement standards. More information at

About The American National Standards Institute
As the voice of the U.S. Standards and conformity assessment system, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) empowers its members and constituents to strengthen the U.S. marketplace position in the global economy while helping to assure the safety and health of consumers and the protection of the environment. The institute oversees the creation, promulgation and use of thousands of norms and guidelines that directly impact businesses in nearly every sector. More information at

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