More Fair Than Firm: "Relationshipper" Blog Offers Compassionate Advice

Lisa Wright's new blog called "The Relationshipper" gives people the advice they need to sustain meaningful relationships with their loved ones.

New Milford, CT, January 27, 2010 --( Author and freelance copywriter Lisa Wright ( is pleased to announce the launch of her new relationship advice blog at, which boasts giving its readers sound advice, without any discouraging “tough love”.

“Relationshipper” readers will find thoughtful, inspiring guidance about relationship issues of all kinds, from how to deal with a mama’s boy to coping with a sibling’s substance abuse problem. It’s not just about the male/female dynamic, it’s about all relationships between people.

“Relationship experts have a tendency to be too firm, and not fair enough,” Ms. Wright says. “I’m striving to get to the root of people’s problems, which are usually based on fear. Tough love tactics can be an effective way to resolve certain problems, but I find that compassionate problem solving is more likely to get to the source.”

Inspired by manifestation techniques, positive thinking and the underlying precepts of Eastern religions, Ms. Wright tries to incorporate spirituality whenever possible. “Your core beliefs about life are often not applied to your relationships because ego tends to get in the way. I want to show people that spiritual concepts like forgiveness (of both yourself and others), universal oneness, and karma can be creatively applied to conflicts, resulting in a unique way of settling differences.”

Readers can have direct contact with Ms. Wright by emailing her at She will post a response to every question dealing with an interrelationship issue.

About the author: Lisa Wright has written two novels entitled “The Invisible Visitor” and “Thunder Destroys Me”. Later in 2010, she will be releasing a self-help book tentatively titled, “Three Questions to One Answer”, which will give women instant answers to 75 of their most common relationship problems by simply answering three questions.


If you’d like more information about “The Relationshipper” blog, email Lisa Wright at, or visit her blog at
Lisa Wright, Freelance Writer
Lisa Wright