Complete Freedom of Choice – The Self-Made-Man Generation Book by "K" Gets Reviewed and Finds Confirmation in Another Book by a Known French Author

While K's book Complete Freedom of Choice gets its first independent review, a very popular figure in France, Jacques Attali, publishes a book confirming a lot of K's ideas found in his book.

Los Angeles, CA, January 27, 2010 --( The book Complete Freedom of Choice – The Self-Made-Man Generation written by K and published by Mother Nation Publishing has received its first review. It has been featured on last December in an article that can be found in the “Personal Development” section.

As a first independent review of the book, the author, Alice Landry, describes the book as “...a book to assist individuals in shifting from a dependency attitude to self-responsibility and accountability.” She then moves on to state the five laws of the Self-Made-Men as can be found in the book. Finally, after a deeper look, she ends by quoting the author: "The greatest moments in life are times of change. Because then: Everything Is Possible. (sic) That is Complete Freedom of Choice my friends. So what are you waiting for?"

As well, it has received confirmation on many of its ideas from a very surprising source in Jacques Attali, an important and famous economist/political writer from France. He describes, in a book called “Survivre aux Crises” (Surviving to Crisis (freely translated); published by Fayard in October 2009) a very similar future to the one K talks about in his own book. Whether it’d be the thinning line between work and play, the growing tendency to work for one’s self or, even more importantly, the recognition that survival in the future will also mean that, in order to be the one to grasp the upcoming new opportunities, one will have to rethink his place in the world, accelerate changes in his life and adopt a completely new set of values and moral code.

As great thinkers around the world start touching upon the subject of this new generation and realize the changes that have happened as well as those to come, the Self-Made-Man Generation’s book will become the basis and also a very important self-help book for those that wish to adapt to this new society and make the most out of it.

K has managed to combine the many different views of freedom from writers of the past (such as Nietzsche, Kant, Socrate, Epicure and many others) while creating an absolute vision of Complete Freedom of Choice, something never done before.

Written for all (and not only the elite) in a language they can understand, this book is currently only available on the internet through Mother Nation’s Website ( Mother Nation Publishing is a company based in Montreal, Canada who owns and manages the rights to K and the Self-Made-Man Generation.

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Luc Begin