Borri Re-Design Their UK Website

Borri have recently re-designed their UK website

Sheffield, United Kingdom, January 28, 2010 --( Borri who manufacture the largest range of IGBT technology globally, have re-designed their UK website. The company want to provide their customers with the finest website in the UPS market, and have outlined a long term plan in order to meet this objective. The visitor numbers and enquires on have been rising dramatically in recent times, showing how Borri’s online presence is constantly growing.

In terms of new content, the homepage has had some impressive changes. The navigation has been improved; allowing the users to travel around the site more freely. The homepage has also seen an inclusion of a flash banner which has been a massive plus point, as it displays to users instantly what Borri can offer. The about section has also been extended to include different sections about Borri’s past, values and eco credentials. The section regarding Borri’s past is based around a history timeline, currently unseen in the UPS market, which gives a breakdown of their ventures and products since their foundation in 1932.

Borri have also dramatically improved the way they display products, again pioneering for the industry. Each product is displayed from numerous angles, including a dimensions view so users can accurately view the size of the UPS. They have also improved the content on the product area, giving a structured breakdown of each product and its key features. From late 2009 Borri have also offered an online shop, making it much easier for purchases to be made online. So far the feedback received from users has been excellent with one regular user saying “the website seems to improve with every addition that is made”. By using innovative techniques Borri aim to double the number of repeat visitors over the coming months. The main way they aim to achieve this is through allowing users to interact with the website through a login area, providing customers with valuable information about orders and maintenance work.

Borri have recognised that forms of online contact are extremely important in the UPS industry, therefore the contact page has undergone major improvements. They no longer offer the industry standard of global contacts, addresses and phone numbers. The page has been improved by offering live online help through their live person service along with a call back feature; which includes a 10 minute return call promise. Currently some UPS companies offer a call back service, however none of them guarantee when the call will arrive.

Borri’s marketing department feel the market is currently very static, with many UPS companies following traditional routes to draw in new business. Countless UPS manufacturers are failing to find creative techniques to attract new business, however Borri aren’t following the crowd as can be seen with their twitter page. Borri are confident that by using similar techniques, they will be able to make the most visited UPS website worldwide.

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