Visions In Education K-12 Charter School
Visions In Education K-12 Charter School

Visions In Education K-12 Charter School Wins "Best of the Best" in Northern California Russian Community

Visions won in the "best of the best" in the category of education.

Sacramento, CA, January 28, 2010 --( Visions In Education K-12 Charter School was nominated as, and won, the Best Independent Study Charter School in Northern California by the Russian community, which voted for it in the "Best of the Best" category. Visions came out on top in education, which is quite an honor. Visions personnel in attendance at the event included teachers Deborah Costello, Pamela Rodig-Kirschke, Aleksey Sharipov, and Tatyana Lazukova, counselor Nina Anderson, and administrator Saideh Malekafzali. Additionally, Visions students in attendance at the event included Edgar, Sergay, and Ruben Bagdasaryan. Sergay, a 7th grade, student noted, “The most exciting thing about this night was meeting and seeing the Visions teachers, it was really fun.” Ruben, a 12th grade student, offered, “It was a great night with many talented people. Visions is a great school, which is why it got best independent study charter school.” Edgar, a Visions graduate, added, “I had a great time [being] back with my former teacher, Aleksey Sharipov, and the other Visions staff and teachers who were there. I enjoyed [both] my time as a student, and tonight here, where the school won for the ‘Best of the Best 2009’, which Visions deserves.

Visions teacher Tatyana Lazukuva also had a student who participated in the event. 11th grader Dasha Yeryemina, a Visions student in the 9-12 Independent Study Academy, was an entrant in the Miss Russian California Contest. Tatyana said, “Dasha is a very motivated student. She sets up a goal and invests all of her energy to reach it.” This notion was very evident when Dasha appeared on stage and, with poise, presented her thoughts, ideals, and goals.

About Visions In Education:

Visions In Education is an accredited K-12 Charter School that offers a tuition-free public education, which enables students to learn with an educational program that fits their schedules and their individual learning styles.

Visions In Education offers two unique programs to meet the individual needs of its students: a K-12 Home School Academy, and a 9-12 Independent Study Academy. Visions In Education serves Amador, Contra Costa, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Sutter, and Yolo counties.

Visions’ credentialed teachers meet with their students in their homes or anywhere in the nine counties they serve, and they personalize each student’s educational plan to help them graduate and succeed, as they have accomplished for thousands of other Visions In Education students.

Visions In Education K-12 Charter School
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