Ecommerce Executive Brief: 6 Steps to Dynamic Catalog Publishing for Ecommerce

A Free Executive Brief and how to guide is being offered by, a leading product information management solution consultancy focused on building sales and profits for ecommerce enterprises. Get "6 Steps to Dynamic Catalog Publishing" to gain the benefits of real-time product information across the enterprise.

Dallas, TX, January 29, 2010 --( Ecommerce sites, catalogs and marketing materials must present the enterprise in the best possible light. Ecommerce sites must offer current product data and a rich customer experience, or prospects will not stick and customer return visits will suffer.

With dynamic product information publishing the annoyance of prospects not completing transactions is lessened because accurate product information is easier to find and product data is more richly described. Marketing and Merchandising professionals' jobs are made more effective with real-time, accurate product information. Upsells and cross sells are easier to kit together for prospect selections. This increases sales and ecommerce site "stickiness."

Now a new Journal, "Six Steps to Multichannel Success with Dynamic Catalog Publishing" is being offered freee of charge. This journal walks step by step through the process of how product data can be published in near real-time. And best of all, this journal details the business process steps to make dynamic catalogs a reality.

Please visit: to get this powerful how to journal. Or fax your request to 484-805-2077 with mailing data or call 214-432-6189 to leave mailing data on the voice mail. The Journal will be sent right out.

This journal, created by ecommerce professionals, will outline how to increase ecommerce sales, how to make prospect web experiences richer and how to increase web site visits and transactions. Get now:

Peter Fuller