Ezic Expands Online Debit Acceptance

Chicago, IL, January 30, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Ezic, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance, private-label payment solutions expands support for processing international and PIN-less debit transactions.

As debit usage continues to dominate online payments in Europe, global debit card payment acceptance capabilities are increasingly in high-demand. Ezic currently supports Maestro, Switch/Solo and Giropay debit solutions.

Maestro is an internationally recognized, PIN-based debit card payment network being used by more than 650 million cardholders in more than 100 countries across the globe.

A Maestro card is linked to the cardholder's bank account, and purchases are deducted directly from that account. The transaction is authenticated via MasterCard Secure Code and the merchant receives explicit evidence of the online purchase from the bank - thereby reducing fraud and lowering chargeback liability.

"Providing a variety of payment acceptance methods broadens a merchant's market, grows customer loyalty and increases profits," says Bridget Mazzio, Director of Reseller Development at Ezic. "We are constantly expanding our System and adding new and innovative solutions that allow our customers to build and maintain successful businesses."

Ezic provides full international processing capabilities in five of the six Visa regions, and offers complete support for foreign currency processing.

The company has also added support for domestic PIN-less debit transactions on the TSYS platform. This allows bill payment services, government agencies, educational institutions, and utility companies to qualify for lower interchange rates when processing one-time or recurring payments on the Ezic Gateway.

To learn more about how you can benefit from becoming an Ezic Reseller, please call 866-575-EZIC or visit www.ezic.com.

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Ezic has been the leader in high-performance digital payment solutions for more than a decade, and is the largest private-label gateway provider in the industry. Our digital payment platform offers Resellers and merchants reliable service, upscale features, continuous product development, and complete multi-level security against fraud for all Internet-based transactions.

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