Onstream Systems Releases Updated Version of RapidRedact Desktop the Leading Redaction Solution for Data Protection and Privacy Security

RapidRedact Desktop Version 2.20 introduces the RapidRedact Reporting feature, providing users with the ability to generate electronic reports detailing information about redacted documents.

Washington, MD, January 30, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Onstream Systems today announced the release of RapidRedact Desktop 2.20, which includes the RapidRedact Reporting feature. The Reporting feature allows organizations to generate reports for information redacted from documents and for users to quickly access details about documents that they have redacted themselves.

For many years RapidRedact technology has been helping organizations across the globe to meet requirements set out by privacy legislation and FOI requests. The software has achieved this use by providing powerful and robust redaction tools to automatically remove information such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, Names, Phone Numbers, and other identifying information.

Up until now the only way to review information about redacted documents was to manually review an audit trail which could be time consuming and labour intensive. Now with the introduction of the RapidRedact Reports tool, details about redacted documents such as what information has been redacted, how many instances of each target was found, what exemption codes were used, and on what pages redactions occurred can all be easily reviewed within a comprehensive yet straight forward report.

The reports have been integrated into RapidRedact’s design so that once redactions have been confirmed and the redacted document is ready to be created, the user simply selects a report type and the report is generated and displayed directly in an internet browser or Excel spreadsheet.

The advent of the RapidRedact Reports tool means that valuable time that would otherwise be spent reviewing audit trails can now be put to better use, allowing organizations to meet project deadlines faster and with an increased confidence that all information has been redacted.

About RapidRedact

RapidRedact redaction software provides a fast, effective solution for document redaction requirements by allowing organizations to remove sensitive information from documents before they are released for publication. The redacted information is permanently removed and the original text cannot be revealed as the information no longer exists.

About Onstream Systems

Onstream Systems is a leading software company at the forefront of imaging and redaction technology. Onstream specialize in helping organizations work easily with documents by being able to retrieve, browse, view, annotate, manipulate, measure and redact documents either from the desktop, or over the web. Onstream products are utilized by thousands of organizations world-wide through a large distribution network which includes resellers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Asia, South Africa and Australasia.

For more information about RapidRedact and a free evaluation, please visit www.rapidredact.com

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