The Document Management Software Reviews Website Launches

The document management software reviews website has launched to provide unbiased and accurate reviews for those interested in purchasing document management software.

Vancouver, Canada, January 31, 2010 --( Choosing the wrong document management solution can be an extremely costly mistake for any business. This why having impartial and accurate reviews are important, and why the document management software reviews website was launched.

"I've seen it time, and time again. Businesses frequently choose a system that is far too complicated to implement or pay far too much for a solution that does not give them anywhere near the time savings they should be getting." says Clara Stone, an article and review writer for the website.

"The website allows business owners to search for, and rate products themselves. Also, the pros and cons are displayed for each product."

The site has been in pre-launch phase, and has been providing quality information articles for all visitors. These articles even include information on choosing document management software within a small business or law office.

"Proper document management is so critical, but some businesses don't need any software at all. So not only do we provide reviews, but we even provide information to help business owners choose proper software."

Many business are now looking for web based web 2.0 services to handle their document management.

"Reviews for web based document management systems are also provided. While these web based solutions may not be right for all businesses there are many that could benefit."

Personal document management software solutions are also reviewed.

"The personal organization of documents using software is rapidly growing, and it is important that this software also be reviewed."

Even lower cost solutions are covered on the website.

"There are many good document management packages that are available at a low cost that many consultants don't want you to know about. Our site was created to provide reviews at all price points."

Although the site has only recently been started a search engine is already available to allow keyword searching for document management software reviews. For more please visit

Document Management Software Reviews dot Com
Clara Stone