Goldishack Guerrillas State of the Union: More Wars for 2010

Goldishack Guerrillas Announce Debut Album War in Stores, More Wars in Store

New York, NY, January 31, 2010 --( As 2009 fades into history and President Obama gives his state of the union speech, many who thought they would see a reduction in America's military involvement overseas were sorely disappointed. On the contrary, 2009 saw an increase in troop deployment, bombings and number of countries attacked by the U.S. "This is all we see no matter who is the president" said Goldi of Goldishack Guerrillas, who released their seminal War album last year. "Everyday is a new news inspiration for us", he added.

Borne under the influence of the likes of Noam Chomsky and the late Howard Zinn, the War album takes the battle from the scholars to music. "The message needs to reach a larger audience" said Goldi, who became news in 2006 when he was caught in a war zone in Lebanon. After a few harrowing weeks there under the siege of the Israeli IDF, he was evacuated by U.S. Marines and spoke at a press conference on all American national news networks. Calling the war "an atrocity", Goldi was criticized by media pundit Rush Limbaugh for his views. In response, the Guerrillas wrote him a song. Their first single, "Lazy Fat Stupid American featuring Rush Limbaugh", has Limbaugh providing vocals for the chorus. "It's like CNN's Crossfire but in a song" said Goldi.

Inspired by these events, Goldishack decided to wage War with the only weapon they've ever had: music. Mixing free style vocals with acoustic guitars and hip hop, War combines the spirit of Bob Marley with a mash of musical firepower and beauty. Called "a most important album in these times" by music industry veteran Giorgio Gomelsky (Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Soft Machine, Magma), War brings together some of NYC's most talented emcees, musicians and beat boxers who are united around a common cause. From the opening punch of “REBEL” to the closing ballad "Can't Nobody Hold Us Down", War tells a story of a country gone astray. Despite the serious subject matter, songs like WarMart and the duet with Rush Limbaugh prove that they know how to have fun along the way. Featuring hip hop artists Kryciss, Rcyn, UTK, Shockwave and other local greats, Goldishack is now headquarters for the musical guerrillas who seek more from their country, their leaders and media.

Goldishack Guerrillas presents the WAR album - your antidote to worldwide chaos.

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Claude Berger