Another Guest Blogger at Site Booster Gets Top Google Ranking

Bob McClain, Site Booster’s guest blogger, has won a top Google Ranking for his key phrase, web copywriting expert. He’s been writing weekly posts on the topic of copywriting for the web for almost five months. Now, his profile page gets a high position in organic search results with the famous search engine.

Tehran, Iran, February 01, 2010 --( Site Booster allocates a profile page to its guest bloggers in which five keyword-rich do follow external links are posted to their desired pages. The profile is optimized by Site Booster’s SEO expert, Rahman Mehraby. All the weekly posts contain links back to the profile page enhancing the internal keyword weight thus helping the blogger’s main keyword achieve top placement in search engines.

“Bob McClain’s keyword, web copywriting expert, has been a competitive one. That’s why it’s taken more time than expected to gain. The topic relevancy of the content written by guest bloggers, regular frequency of the published posts, keyword weight of the posts, and a handful of other on-page factors help our bloggers gain high search engine ranking for their keywords” says Rahman Mehraby, the CEO of Site Booster. “I also provide our bloggers with some guidelines helping them gain top Google ranking.”

One interesting point about guest bloggers’ posts in Site Booster’s blog is that each author’s content is topic-focused. The volunteers who contact this blog for writing posts are required to be specialized and experienced in one field of website promotion that results in organic search results. There’s no need to further explain what the benefits are: they are known as experts in their fields of expertise. It is the SEO techniques that can help their visibility at search engines. This is what Site Booster does in return for their content creation.

More Guest Bloggers Needed

Site Booster invites the experienced experts specialized in marketing via facebook, linkedIn and video marketing. To get more information about how they can start cooperating with this blog, they can just send an email and ask for more details.

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Site Booster is a website promotion company providing information about various methods of online marketing to increase search engine visibility. These methods mainly include keyword discovery, content writing, article marketing, press release and social media marketing.

Also, Site Booster provides blog optimization as well as blog post writing services for the business bloggers from any field of activities.

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