kNight Series Books Launches Paranormal Romance Online Magazine

kNight Series Books has launched a new on-line magazine. The kNight Series OnLine Magazine has fantastic features designed for the paranormal romance fans. A place where avid readers of the paranormal romance genre can meet new authors and find new books.

Lynchburg, VA, February 03, 2010 --( Paranormal Romance fans will enjoy the new and refreshing kNight Series Online Magazine. Many of the interesting features include News articles, Book of The Month Club, featured authors and publishers, movie trailers as well as an online bookstore. The magazine will review and post monthly book reviews on new paranormal romance books to help readers find new authors and books.

Membership/Subscription is free to anyone who wishes to join. Members will have the opportunity to join the Book of the Month Club. Members will have the ability to chat live online with featured authors about their books. Discussion forums for members to meet with other members and live chat about their favorite books.

“It is a good place for anyone who loves paranormal books to meet and talk with paranormal authors.” Says owner T.L. Mitchell, paranormal romance author. “The website is not just for authors and publishers, but the readers and fans. I wanted a safe place where readers could find the books they enjoy and eventually meet the authors. A paranormal book store is available on the website as well for readers to find the books they love to read.”

Since so many book stores have been closing, many avid readers have the same complaints: Where to buy books? Many readers are turning their attention to online bookstores, like Amazon. But there are some readers who complain that browsing through Amazon’s huge list of books are difficult. Even with Listmania and the many forums there is still the problem with finding new authors and new releases.

kNight Series Online Magazine hopes to provide the paranormal romance readers with help to their online book browsing problems. Mitchell admits the online magazine may not solve all the problems of browsing, but at least readers will be introduced to new authors and new reading opportunities.

kNight Series On-Line Magazine is located at

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