Savvy Kids Conference Comes to Austin

Austin, TX, February 02, 2010 --( Savvy Kids Education announces the 2010 Austin Savvy Kids Conference ( This unique family event and educational conference will be held on the beautiful St. Edwards University campus and will feature multiple stages of entertainment and demonstrations, kid-focused products and services, interactive educational sessions, fun group challenges, and lots of take home goodies. This is a great opportunity for children to take pleasure in learning the life skills they need to be happy and successful in the future.

In 2008, Savvy Kids started a life skills program to help young people develop diverse skills in the areas of environmental, financial, personal health and socio-economic disciplines. The conference focuses on activities and information for K-8th graders and their families relative to the Savvy Kids Core Pillars:

Environmental: Conservation, Energy Sources, Climate Change, Green Concepts, Natural Resources, Pollution, Recycling.

Financial: Budgeting, Credit, Loans, Earning, Investing, Money Flows, Saving, Spending.

Personal Health: Exercise through Play, Food Nutrition, Healthy Choices, Managing Stress, Personal Health, Physical Fitness, Preventing Injuries.

Socio-economic: Community Involvement, Consumers & Producers, Economic Systems, Global Markets, Governments and Society, Products & Services, Supply & Demand, Volunteering and Donating.

"We are very excited to bring to Austin this unique annual event. We’ve had an extremely positive response from parents, and local kid-focused organizations which shows the community’s commitment to the future of Austin kids.” -- Beth Lillie, Savvy Kids Education Managing Director

What To Expect
Kids will be engaged from the moment they walk in the door and can look forward to a kid themed, energetic atmosphere; hands on displays and workshops; audience stage participation; and an Exhibitor Booth Activity Passport challenge.

In the main conference hall and outdoor plaza, leading local and national organizations will showcase products, services and programs. Core Pillar Areas such as: “The cooking spot”, “Financial fun”, and “Go-green” will educate and entertain the whole family. Exhibitors, entertainers and the Youth Advisory Board with share valuable experiences, expertise, and information through performance stage presentations.

Each pillar represents a track of educational mini-courses (fun sessions) which will be led by local experts. These fun sessions will introduce young learners and their parents to core concepts through an interactive style of teaching.

The historic St. Edward’s University campus offers free parking and a beautiful outdoor setting. The Ragsdale Center houses a nutritious cafeteria, a coffee shop, and cozy seating areas. The entire family will enjoy the kids play area and outdoor activities which will ensure that everyone stays energized and entertained throughout the day.

Supporting The Austin Community
Savvy Kids Conferences highlight local non-profit organizations that share similar child education principles and goals. Attendees are introduced to various programs offered in the Austin community. Families will have the opportunity to learn how to get involved and make a difference. During online registration, participants will have the option to donate to their choice of participating local non-profit organizations.

An Event For Kids By Kids
Each Savvy Kids Conference is accompanied by a Youth Advisory Board of Directors class. This unique, real-life course provides 4th-8th grade participants the experience of a functioning Board of Directors. Course goals include developing leadership and team-building skills, enhancing and improving the “kids” element of the conference, interacting with local community leaders, and learning through “behind the scenes” excursions to local businesses. As conference ambassadors, board members introduce stage events; host “Kids Like Me” stage interviews, and lead fun group challenges. The Board of Directors is the “voice” of the kids and ensures the fun nature of the event and the “for kids - by kids” concept.

For more information about the 2010 Austin Savvy Kids Conference, including how to participate as a sponsor, an exhibitor, or a volunteer, please visit or contact Savvy Kids Education at 512-535-7457.


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