Racquet Art – Helping Charities Raise Funds at Tennis Tournaments

More and more charities are turning to tennis tournaments as a way to raise money for their organizations. Racquet Art, LLC (www.racquetart.com) works with the charities to give them one more way to raise funds---through tennis racquet stencils.

Coral Springs, FL, February 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Organizations are turning to tennis tournaments to raise funds for their charities. Through tournament fees and other related charges, large sums of money can be raised to help out the needy. Racquet Art is helping these charities raise funds in a unique tennis way—through tennis racquet stencils. Racquet Art is discounting its products to allow for the charity to raise more money. By requesting a donation of the tournament players, they in return have their racquet stenciled with the charity’s logo.

At a tournament in North Carolina last year, breast cancer ribbons were stenciled onto the player’s racquets. The players loved it as it allowed them to show their support for such a worthy cause. The charity loved it as they received additional donations from those getting the stencils. Now Racquet Art is working to do the same with a Big Brothers, Big Sisters charity tournament.

If you are holding a tennis racquet tournament and need additional ways to raise funds, please feel free to contact Racquet Art at info@racquetart.com.

Racquet Art’s web site address is http://www.racquetart.com.

Racquet Art, LLC
Jill Waroff