GTA Comp Helps SMEs Improve IT Systems to Counteract Recession

Toronto, Canada, February 08, 2010 --( Toronto-based IT systems consultancy firm GTA Comp is helping small- to medium-sized enterprises develop more robust technical systems through cost-effective consultancy and implementation services, to help counteract the impact of the recession and lay the groundwork for the recovery of the markets through 2010.

IT consulting services firm GTA Comp is committed to working with small and medium businesses to develop IT systems robust enough to help counteract the effects of recession, helping business owners cut costs and improve efficiency through better IT systems.

Offering cost-effective consultancy across all areas of IT, from network support and hardware through to web-based solutions and creative web design, GTA Comp specialize in helping business owners leverage technology to deliver tangible benefits, both online and in the offline environment.

PAVOL KARKAS, a spokesperson for GTA Comp believes that by refining the technological processes within client organizations, business owners can truly feel the benefit of their systems, and identify efficiency gains and new opportunities through their professional IT consultancy services.

"The IT setup within a given organization can have a dramatic impact on cost and efficiency on a daily basis. The wrong systems can lead to expensive delays, and if you're missing out on new functionalities through an outdated infrastructure, you could be hindering your chances of growing out of the recession and recapturing sales as the economy recovers."

"GTA Comp seamlessly integrate with our clients' existing IT, admin and marketing functions to deliver targeted advice and implement effective solutions that cut costs and improve efficiencies. We firmly believe in using our expertise to maximize the value we create for our clients, as a means of helping to fight off the impact of recession and providing fertile ground for business development."

In addition to providing consultancy and server support, GTA Comp also offer online design and marketing solutions, including search engine optimization and web development.

GTA Comp is an IT systems consultancy company, based out of Mississauga, Ontario area. Specializing in helping SMEs refine their IT infrastructure, and in developing robust IT systems to deal with the most demanding of markets, GTA Comp is committed to helping business owners work with their IT setup to grow out of recession.

Pavol Karkas
GTA Comp

GTA Comp
Pavol Karkas