DeepTarget Announces Partnerships with Insurance Trust and Advice

Two Partners with Diverse Market Segment Focuses sign up to Resell DeepTarget

Huntsville, AL, February 03, 2010 --( DeepTarget Inc. ( today announced two new reseller partnerships. Maine based Insurance Trust and Birmingham-based will immediately begin marketing and selling DeepTarget products to their customers and new prospects. They will separately focus on different market segments, specifically on Northeastern Credit Unions and e-Marketing respectively.

Insurance Trust was founded in 1963 by Maine Credit Unions to provide insurance solutions for their members. Since its inception, Insurance Trust has grown to provide various insurance type products to credit unions and their members. Today they serve sixty-two credit unions and their members in Maine. Using its extensive credit union experience and knowledge and their close affiliation with DeepTarget VAR Marketing Resource Store, Insurance Trust, is now expanding its product portfolio with e-Marketing solutions for credit unions from DeepTarget.

“Insurance Trust has a long history of collaboration – both with credit union customers as well as insurance professionals and partners. We were impressed with DeepTarget products and believe that they offer tremendous benefits to credit unions,” said David Baird, President and CEO of Insurance Trust. He added, “We look forward to promoting these products to our customers and having them reap these benefits”.

Lisa Isbell, Principal of said, “I am happy to offer Deep Target products because they fit the inbound marketing strategy perfectly, enhancing the methods used and streamlining efforts. Being associated with a company that is completely tuned into this emerging marketing method is a fantastic advantage and allows me to offer my clients the very latest innovations for achieving success online”.

DeepTarget products include the following:

DeepTarget OLB for credit unions and banks is a secure, hosted, electronic banner messaging solution that presents targeted and personalized offers to members within various online banking environments. Highly measurable, DeepTarget OLB has a proven track record of exceptionally high software return on investment (ROI) and has been shown to boost the success of marketing campaigns.

DeepTarget Online is identical in function to the above product but is targeted towards industries outside of Financial Services. The only requirement is that the company owns a website with account holders, for example, loyalty program members or registered users, partners or customers of the company or organization. For example, in Education, this could be a University website where targeted banners are displayed to student account holders who log in.

DeepTarget Email, the newest product, takes the focus on targeting and personalization into the realm of email marketing. Unique for its rich user experience, particularly in using rules to individually target email recipients with applicable images and messages, DeepTarget Email takes the complexity out of creating personalized, relevant and therefore, highly effective, emails.

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