Amish Retail Announces the Addition of Handcrafted Wooden Plasma TV Stands

Handcrafted wooden plasma TV stands join the wide assortment of handcrafted Amish furniture at Amish Retail.

Draper, UT, February 04, 2010 --( In a fly by night world of mass production and inferior quality at a superior price, Amish craftsmen continue to take tremendous pride in the woodworking skills handed down from father to son for generations. At Amish Retail that timeless tradition blends seamlessly with one of today's most sought after technologies-the plasma TV.

Each plasma TV stand sold at Amish Retail is created by experienced Amish craftsmen using the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that have set Amish woodworking apart for years from the short lived designs that overflow department store shelves. Every piece of wood is hand selected by the woodworker to match the piece in mind, with careful attention paid to the grain both in terms of assembly and the finished look. Craftsmen only use solid woods and hydraulic, pneumatic or hand powered tools, with most finish work completed entirely by hand.

When the work is done, it's both furniture and art, without a piece of laminate or particle board to be found.

"[Every] piece of Amish furniture is handcrafted in America by a skilled Amish artisan using only the best materials and craftsmanship," says Amish Retail spokesperson Chris Pierce.

The simple, elegant style of the plasma TV stands offered at Amish Retail meshes well with most décor styles and blends seamlessly into living rooms, dining rooms, conference rooms, game rooms and bedrooms. The company offers a multitude of design options ranging from a simple stand to a full entertainment center, and because each piece is created with high quality materials and an impeccable attention to detail, design and fit, every plasma TV stand sold is designed to last generations.

"Instead of getting caught up in the latest and greatest, sometimes it does us well to turn back the clock," says Pierce. "One of the great reasons…Amish furniture has become so popular in homes throughout the country is because it is reliable. The Amish people are hard workers and take pride in doing things the right way, no matter how long it takes or how hard it is."

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