Houston Blackberry Repair Services Now Offered by Dr. Cell Phone Houston

Dr. Cell Phone Houston now offers while you wait, express, and expedited Blackberry repair services to Blackberry users in Houston and surrounding cities.

Houston, TX, February 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- With the vast number of Blackberry devices out there, and a lack of support from Research in motion and all major carriers in terms of repairs and diagnostic services, consumers are left without options when their Blackberrys break or are in need of repairs and servicing. Dr. Cell Phone Houston is providing while you wait, express, and expedited Blackberry repair services to Blackberry users in Houston and surrounding cities. For the past 5 years thousands of Blackberry users in Houston who have been in need of Blackberry repairs have used Dr. Cell Phone’s nationwide mail in repair service program by sending their Blackberrys to the central repair facility based in Dallas, TX. The repair facility in Dallas provides repairs and diagnostics for all major cell phone manufacturers via a mail in program for customers all around the world. In January of this year, 2010, Dr. Cell Phone opened its doors to a repair facility in Houston, TX bringing the experience and quality of sound economical repairs to Houston.

Dr. Cell Phone Houston provides repairs on all the newest Blackberry technology devices such as the BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry, Curve, BlackBerry, Bold, BlackBerry Tour, and the BlackBerry Pearl. Common problems consumers have with their BlackBerry devices in Houston and other parts of the country include, but are not limited to BlackBerry trackballs, USB and charging ports, keypad issues, battery door replacements, and front lens cover replacements. “Its good to know there are options for us out there,” says James a long time customer of Dr. Cell Phone, “I’ve been mailing my cell phones to Dr. Cell Phone’s repair facility in Dallas for the last two years and I am very happy that they have now opened a repair facility here in Houston, man do we need it here.” It seems that Dr. Cell Phone Houston is bridging the gap between carriers and manufacturers, and the consumer by providing these repair services. Houston, Dr. Cell Phone has your repair solutions.


Dr. Cell Phone Houston provides customers with cell phone and portable electronic repair services. Walk in and while you wait repairs are available for most cell phones More information about Dr. Cell Phone Houston’s repair services can be found by visiting their website at www.drcellphonehouston.com. By bridging the gap between cell phone manufacturers/carriers and the customer, Dr. Cell Phone Houston helps save consumers millions of dollars every year by providing repair services that are fast and economical.

For more information please visit www.DrCellPhoneHouston.com or call us at 713-333-0631.
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