Automated Valet Parking Manager
Automated Valet Parking Manager

Automated Valet Completes Northern Quest Resort & Casino Installation

Plantation, FL, February 05, 2010 --( Automated Valet’s newest northwest customer has installed the fully-loaded AVPM operating system at its 4-star facility. Northern Quest Resort and Casino in Spokane, Washington, now boasts valet service complete with Automated Valet’s Garage Access Control system, Operation Board, customer display and much more. Northern Quest management performed an extensive research on various valet systems. The AVPM system was chosen above the competition for its advanced technology, ability to accommodate a complicated operation, and exemplary customer service.

“I would most certainly recommend Automated Valet to others in the industry,” says Shannon Wade, Northern Quest’s Hospitality Systems Coordinator. “I would go so far as to provide a tour of our new valet system and property so potential customers can see its operation and effectiveness.”

The installation of AVPM has saved Northern Quest revenue and reduced customer claims. The operation is set up with every tool needed to run effectively and profitably. The resort and casino has three receiving areas, each equipped with Bluetooth scanners to decode the year, make, model of the vehicle, and recognize high-profile guests. The scanners put all important information in the hands of valet attendants so they can offer the best service possible. Garage Access Control protects valet attendants and customers by monitoring the entry and exit of vehicles, and video processing protects the property by recording previous damages to vehicles. The system scans through the car to record any previous damages and transfers the information to the ticket, all within seconds.

AVPM Enterprise allows any authorized person to review the entire facility from onsite or offsite. Payroll, revenue reports, and scheduling are all accessible to managers and/or to authorized personnel regardless of their location.

During the implementation of the new valet system at Northern Quest, AVPM communicated with the IT department, construction vendors, and the project leader so that the preliminary work could be done before AVPM staff arrived on site. During their stay, AVPM worked long days and late hours to ensure successful completion.

The AVPM garage cameras at Northern Quest provide high quality videos of all vehicles entering the garage that can be viewed frame by frame. These images, along with detailed AVPM reporting, are utilized for customer claims. Money saved in claims is attributed to the AVPM system.

Northern Quest is able to easily generate accurate and detailed reports for employee performance, garage vehicle status, closed tickets, etc. Also, if a customer loses their ticket, the AVPM system provides an easy solution to find that customer’s vehicle, without any wait time for the customer. Vehicles can be searched by make, model, year, color, or license.

Because all three valet pick-up and drop-off locations are fully integrated with the valet office, the valet attendant knows where to deliver when the customer requests their vehicle. If a customer drops off their vehicle at one location and then requests that vehicle at a different location, the AVPM system recognizes where the customer is for vehicle delivery.

“Thanks to Bluetooth scanners, year, make, model information is decoded automatically when we receive the cars initially, saving time for our dispatcher. Bluetooth scanners also record when and which receiving area they arrived at,” Wade says. “And if it hasn’t been parked in the garage yet, we know exactly where it is, we do not have to spend time looking for it.”

Northern Quest’s customized plasma televisions are directly linked to the Operation Board, and display vehicle retrieval information when customers request their cars. The Operation Board monitors vehicle requests and the transfer of keys from the customer, to the dispatch and back.

“We are excited about the customer displays,” says Shannon Wade, Hospitality Systems Coordinator. “Automated Valet has done an outstanding job with everything. They wrote entirely new programming specifically for our plasma television displays at our location.”

Valet request kiosks were also placed at receiving areas to speed delivery. Customers can request their vehicle from inside the resort without looking for a valet attendant. The entire operation comes with Automated Valet’s uninterrupted customer service and online support. Issues are addressed immediately and all files are saved, with back up, indefinitely.

Automated Valet Founder and CEO, Ken Gulec says he is thrilled with the end result of the installation. “It’s great to see a valet operation so well equipped. We have so much to offer and, although each application works well on its own, when you put them all together, it’s amazing.”

AVPM, the only valet parking application of its kind. For more information visit or

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