Presents Write-On Sidewalk Signs to Make Advertising Easy

Sidewalk signs with writable surfaces enable fast and easy sign changes.

Bristol, RI, February 05, 2010 --(, a DisplayShops member store, has made available a selection of sidewalk signs with writable surfaces. These sidewalk signs draw attention from passersby to inform them of a store's sale, restaurant specials, or upcoming events. Sidewalk signs draw casual shoppers and passersby into businesses, like retail stores or coffee houses, in an effective manner.

“These sidewalk signs allow you to quickly change a message to better capture customers” says Marcus Miglio, web designer of “We offer different designs to best suit each customer’s individual needs.”

The write-on sidewalk signs are used with either wet erase or dry erase markers. Wet markers leave vivid words and drawings on the boards, and only require a damp cloth to be wiped clean. Dry erase markers typically come with an eraser to easily the erase graphics from the boards. Some of these sidewalk signs have an area designated for a header. The header is used to grab a customer’s attention while the lower section of the sign can be used to relay information. Many of the sidewalk signs come with a protective non-glare lens that is held in place with a 'quick clip' snap frame. This lens helps to protect the write-on surface from the elements, and ensures easier reading in sunlight.

“The folding sidewalk signs can easily be brought inside at night and stored in smaller spaces due to their portable design," adds Miglio. "Additionally, all of the sidewalk signs are double sided to allow for displaying to multiple angles at once."

These sidewalk signs with writable surfaces are only a small representation of the outdoor signage products offered at For a complete overview of outdoor signage, pavement signs, sandwich boards, and other sidewalk signs, be sure to visit
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