A "Fascinating" New Bird Feeder That is Squirrel Proof by "Remote Control" from Inside Your Home is Being Introduced by Squirrel Boss LLC of Hawley Pennsylvania

Solves a basic problem of life. Pesky squirrels.

Hawley, PA, February 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Fascinating new bird feeder solves a basic problem of life.

The pesky squirrel on the bird feeder is now a problem of the past. From inside the comfort of your home, using a remote control up to 200 feet, you now can decide if the squirrel stays or goes.

The Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder makes you the "Boss". See it in action at squirrelboss.com. This clever solution to the squirrel problem was invented by an aerospace professional. With safety the #1 priority, he combined a harmless static shock with a bird feeder.

It is the same as walking across the carpet and then touching something. The shock is harmless but you try to avoid it. Same for the squirrel. After you activate the circuit in the bird feeder while the squirrel is on the feed tube, the squirrel quickly learns to avoid it.

The squirrel then stays away. The problem is solved. The age old battle is over. Similar products that spin the squirrel until he falls off or products that sit armed and ready do not give the rewarding feeling of correcting the squirrels behavior with the remote control.The Squirrel Boss is interactive.

The news media and the public have embraced it. Dr. Scott Shalaway Phd interviewed the inventor on his two radio shows. Jack Holcomb of Jack’s Back Yard interviewed the inventor on his radio show. Wnep Tv, Fox-56 produced a news story at the inventors home which aired live from the p.o.l. Expo 2009.

This product was produced with the environment in mind. Go Green. The time tested components in the solar powered roof come with a “lifetime warranty”. Stainless steel conductors make it impervious to corrosion. The accessory kit that comes with each unit includes an a/c charger, false roof and hanger for the remote control.

Produced by Squirrel Boss llc. of Hawley Pennsylvania. This is the birth of a new company owned by three women.

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