Alternative Latin Investor Releases Cuban Mining Feature

Latest Latin American Commodities Investment News - Cuban Mining

Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 26, 2010 --( Alternative Latin Investor is the first online magazine to provide free information on Alternative Investments in South America, to register for access to the bi-monthly publication and special reports please visit:

ALI researches the history and investment potential of mining in Cuba:

"Cuba has a history of mining extending over a period of three hundred years. During the period 1900 to 2002, mining was a permanent activity, and during WWII the mining of manganese, some copper, and nickel was most important. The nickel resource comes from extensive laterite deposits that are considered among the largest reserves in the world, ranking alongside Canada, Russia, Australia and New Caledonia. Cuba is also an important nickel and cobalt producer, ranking sixth in the world in terms of nickel and accounting for 8% of the world’s cobalt production. Cuban mineral production is largely state controlled, although the government has made steps to amend the mineral laws and legislation, which will hopefully change the industry’s structure. In 1993, Geominera was formed as a private company utilizing state funds. Geominera focuses on gold and base metal exploration, whilst foreign investors are currently developing nickel/cobalt and gold resources."

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